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Project Description

ShoutcastRunner is a quick and simple Windows service that runs the SHOUTcast DNAS 1.x mp3 server.

It does 5 things that Shoutcast 1.x doesn't:

  1. allows running sc_serv.exe as a Windows service. The alternative would be logging in as a user and running it from the console.
  2. writes out daily copies of its log files. These will look like, for example:
    Each file only contains data for its named date, and this runs every night at midnight. The source sc_serv.log and sc_w3c.log files are unaffected. (optionally) produces Triton Media services-compatible daily log files.
  3. rotates its logs once a month. This involves stopping the sc_serv.exe process, renaming sc_serv.log and sc_w3c.log, and restarting the process. The monthly files are named something like:
  4. (optionally) monitors the shoutcast content directory for changes to any *.mp3 files in there. If a file changes, presumably because of a new preroll file being introduced, ShoutcastRunner will wait 5 seconds then restart the shoutcast process. This way the new preroll is ingested.
  5. (optionally) let's you define a crossdomain.xml and serve it from the server root. Such as,


SHOUTcast™ is a trademark of AOL LLC.

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